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Very usefull


Very nice

Is rly gud

Is gud


Very nice


Muito bom

Very good

Realmente muito bom

Very nice

Nice app. Using it to practice scales without a guitar. The orientatation of the fret board makes no sense, though. I need it to be like in actual tabulature. Head on the left, low E on bottom. Different sounds would be nice too.

Echt toll



Macht richtig Spaß




Macht spaß

Real Crap!

Theres no instructions, no way to hold real chords and play. Go buy a real guitar!

Trial and error

Takes some fumbling around but its turning out to be kinda cool.

Cool but ...

Theres no instruction, its difficult to know what to do. But great sound ! Good app

Best in its field... For what thats worth!

Of course, this is not a real guitar and I am not pretending to review it as one. It is still a head above the other guitar apps that I have tried. I use this when I am bored and minus strings. Its also really good for sounding out some jazz chords and combos and illustrating ideas to other musicians. The solo board is a bit clumsy and I cant say that it is the most satisfying use of my time, but iris not a bad start. That brings us to the best aspect of this app: the improvements over time. I have seen what seems like an upgrade a month since I started using this and each one is a leap and a bound. It would be three stars for a good but clumsy app, but it gets a fourth star for the commitment to quality upgrades alone. Happy plucking.


This is the best guitar app out there. Not kidding. Its great for practicing guitar on The go, and its full of chords! This interactive guitar is great! Thanks for making it affordable! (Rate: 5)

Guitar Real

Five Stars

The ad.

Everythings great but the ad. At the bottom..full version with price would be the only solution....

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